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I really like this beat it has a really grimey vibe to it. Some really good vocal clips in there too which add to that grimey feel.

Really digging this track all the elements of a professional commercial track are there the just need to be refined in order to obtain that triple A production quality. That being said the track very good and it's faults are minor keep up the good work!

Really basic but it has nice melodies in it

Conal responds:

< 3

Not bad dudes, could use a bit of cleaver eq'in but its pretty solid

This songs been about everywhere loving it!

Or4nges responds:

Friday Fox, you devilish thing, you. ;D

Nice little bootleg just watch the audio mods dont catch wind of this they might not be happy

tomdink responds:

Haha thanks for the review dude!!

I like the melody elements of this but i think the whole song needs more progression and surcture. Dont worrk about the head phones its what i use to mix and i do just fine :P

Nejo22 responds:

Yea I would love to put some more stuff in there for the progression, but my brother needed room for words. I usually sleep to it. lol and I'm still learning how to tweak the sound, tryna figure out this wide sound. I'm used to having everything sitting on top of each other, not even really panning too much. Now. I try to give everything it's space. It's much better than it was, but I'm still not where I'd like to be. I think being on here and just releasing what I have will keep me improving and keep me driven.

Nice work i like the percussion. Im not sure if im diggin the piano being panned to the left as hard but its not really bad. The drop is okay its not got the best of flows but its pretty decent.

WilliamSSA responds:

Thanks!. Yeh i need more flow on the drops haha ;)

Awesome work nothing i can really say about it as its completely the oppiste of the music i make lol

samulis responds:

Lol, gavin. XD

Thanks for listening man! Bug me and maybe I'll write you some orchstep sometime.

Good points:
The pecussion

Bad points:
Cheap sounding basic synths
Weird erratic melody

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